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Fredrick Insurance Brokers helps new policyholders take the health insurance path that's most effective for them. We find insurance companies that can best handle their diverse needs and unique situations.

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Katherine Clark, Agency Principal

A full-service, customer-focused health insurance broker in Texas —

Health insurance is a complex business. It's a necessity that everyone needs to have, but the landscape of companies, coverage, and options can be confusing and difficult for individual buyers to access.

Fredrick Insurance Brokers is here to help. We’re a family-owned, independent insurance brokerage that serves the Denton community and the entire state of Texas. Our mission involves more than just selling health policies: We help our clients learn and understand everything about health insurance. We spend time getting to know each of our clients and to help them find the companies and policies that work best for them and their families.

Our clients are every-day, hard-working individuals, and small businesses looking for comprehensive coverage that the mainstream health insurance marketplace doesn’t always provide. Fredrick Insurance Brokers builds unique policies and makes innovative coverage plans attainable for people who need them the most.

Fredrick Insurance Brokers has a reputation for integrity, trust, and making our customers’ interests our top priority. It’s an approach that our long-time clients value, and one that we’re eager to share with new ones.

No Matter What Type of Texas Health Plan You Need, We've Got You Covered

Fredrick Insurance Brokers aims to be the most comprehensive, forward-thinking health insurance broker in Texas. We offer a variety of health insurance plans from multiple companies and can build a coverage policy that addresses unusual or exceptional needs.

Medicare Plans

We help older clients obtain and manage federal health insurance, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

Group Benefit Plans

We help your business develop group health, dental and disability plans with the right mix of coverage options and affordable pricing.

Small Business Plans

Our Flagship plan is built for small companies, giving them higher quality coverage than the Affordable Care Act at a fraction of the cost.

Teacher Plans

Seeking an alternative to TRS Plans? We provide specially designed plans that keep educators & their families healthy and put much-needed money back in their pockets.

Self Employed Plans

Medical insurance can be particularly difficult for self-employed individuals. We advise self-employed individuals of their options and help them find affordable plans.

Association Plans

We also help trade organizations, unions, and professional associations with comprehensive health insurance plans to keep their members healthy, secure, and happy.

How we help our clients with health insurance in Texas

Fredrick Insurance Brokers helps new policyholders take the health insurance path that's most effective for them. We find insurance companies that can best handle their diverse needs and unique situations.

Our service doesn’t stop after you purchase a policy. Fredrick Insurance Brokers only works with the most reputable insurance Brokers, however, In the case that your insurance carrier is unable to help, Fredrick Insurance Brokers can help assist our clients with day-to-day maintenance and emergencies that involve their health insurance, including:

  • Claims assistance. Our brokers can help clients with all the complex steps in the claims process, including form completion, review, and submission to insurers. With our online submission process, we can help you file claims for accidents and illnesses, as well as reimbursement for prescription medication.
  • Policy service. We can help our customers stay on top of their coverage options, information submission, and potential changes to their plans. We also help policyholders and businesses with automatic bank draft authorizations and processing of ID cards.
  • Renewals. Fredrick Insurance Brokers can help you make annual policy renewals easy and foolproof, and we always keep an eye on ways to improve or change coverage to best suit our clients' needs.

As brokers, we’re not bound to any specific insurance company. That allows us to concentrate solely on our clients and give them the benefit of our education and experience. In a business that can get complicated and confounding, Fredrick Insurance Brokers takes the time to help people really understand their plan, how it works, and what they are buying into.

Clients we serve with health insurance in Texas

More than anything else, Fredrick Insurance Brokers serves the individual policyholder and their family. We earn our living and trust by maintaining that personal focus. Our goal is to build one-on-one relationships with our clients as the best way to advise and guide them through the health insurance process.


We also work with small businesses, groups, and associations to line up comprehensive coverage for their employees and representatives. Fredrick Insurance Brokers works especially close with teachers and educators to help them get the affordable insurance they deserve.


All our clients benefit from our independence as we line up creative insurance options from a diverse group of insurance carriers and companies. Our brokers have the depth of knowledge and experience to offer unique coverage plans that fit each client.

Looking for a reliable and proactive health insurance agency in Texas?

Fredrick Insurance Brokers’ independence is the most important aspect of our business model. Our freedom from influence by a single insurance company puts our interests squarely focused on our customers. Instead of selling our clients boilerplate policies from a solitary insurer, we tailor our clients’ policies to fit their exact needs, sometimes through a combination of different plans and companies.

Using an independent insurance broker offers several clear benefits and advantages to policyholders over single carriers and online companies:

  • Objective analysis and advice based on data and your specific needs — not those of a captive agent or a particular company
  • Access to a vast range of insurers and coverage options
  • Claims assistance and advocacy — we represent your interests and take your side in dealings with carriers
  • Easy changing between insurance companies with no complications
  • Day-to-day policy service from the insurance broker you bought the policy from in the first place

Fredrick Insurance Brokers is the health insurance agent in Denton that works to earn clients’ trust and confidence every day. Schedule a phone call, or fill out our online form, to learn more about our services and how the team at Fredrick Insurance Brokers can help you find the right plan for you,


"Our small biz needed to provide benefits to our employees and Katherine was referred to us. She knew just the plan and helped all of us get the personalized coverage we each needed. (Plus, we are now saving thousands on payroll taxes alone!) ~highly recommended!"


Health Insurance Client


"I called them last week to find out what they had to offer and they really do offer the best around. Me and my daughter now have incredible coverage at a price I can afford. Not to mention how great Katherine is! Very glad I found them! Definitely recommend."

Health Insurance Client

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