What is an HMA? Health Matching Account?

Are you interested in an HMA Matching Account?

It is NOT Health Insurance but can help you leverage your medical expenses.  In simple terms let me explain it this way….HMA has similarities to an HSA. Most folks know what an HSA is (Health Savings Account).  People who are familiar with an HSA usually acquire this through their place of employment as a way to offset their high deductible and co-pays.

  • A major medical plan is NOT required to have an HMA
  • The HMA MATCHES your money. HSA does not. (FREE $$$$)
  • HMA is for ANYONE from the age of 18 and beyond
  • You can contribute as little at $40/month or as much as $725/month
  • Your HMA DOES NOT expire at the end of the year
  • Your HMA pays for medical expenses, dental and vision expenses too!
  • BIG BONUS ~ HMA funds can be used for cosmetic surgery!!!

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